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YOUR PROFESSIONAL EDGE: You represent your listings so why not make them look as great as possible? Properties will sell faster for more money and your name will be attached to each sale!

ADDED VALUE: If you aren’t offering staging as part of your package, someone else is! Make you clients feel taken care of by providing this simple but crucial added service.

AVOID DELICATE SITUATIONS: As your stager, we strategically approach situations such as odours, outdated decor or cleanliness, allowing you to stay neutral and continue to have a positive rapport with your client.

CLIENT SATISFACTION: Your clients see home staging as “going the extra mile”. Not only is there home going to look great, they will be pleased with a faster sale for top dollar. You can be sure family, friends and coworkers are hearing about YOU and your services!

LESS THAN A PRICE REDUCTION: This is nearly always the case. It is worthwhile to invest in staging before having to dreadfully reduce the asking price, cutting profits for both you and your client.

QUICKER TURNOVER & YOUR TIME: You spend less time and effort per listing, allowing you to take on more clients and work on growing YOUR business- not using your precious time doing a stagers work!

*Before & Afters following Consultation Service.

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