Closets are our catch-alls! The spot where we cram everything when friends show up out-of-the-blue; where we literally air our dirty laundry; essentially, the one place we think things are out of sight. We have the best intentions of sorting it out later but out of sight becomes out of mind and now you’re selling your house! Don’t kid yourself by thinking people won’t be opening these doors. It’s important to show closets organized and spacious; luxurious walk-in closets may even be a selling feature for the right buyer! Don’t let buyers fall down the rabbit hole when they open your closet doors.

Here are some simple tips to help you get those closets organized!

  • Sort everything to ensure there’s nothing that can be donated or discarded.
  • Remove unseasonal clothing and place in bins in storage area.
  • Remove anything that truly doesn’t belong- office papers, for instance.
  • Once you’ve done this, remaining should be the items that need to be stored in the closet. Take these items out of your closet and place them on the bed. This gives you a better sense of exactly how much you’re keeping and allows you to begin restocking your closet, starting with a blank canvas.
  • Now it’s time to sort by placing like items together- belts with belts, purses with purses, jeans with jeans, etc.
  • Use each area of the closet for it’s intended purpose- hang long items where rod height allows and place purses or folded clothing on shelves, for example.
  • Create organization and visual appeal by storing smaller loose items on shelves in baskets. This really polishes the look of folded clothing. Make sure to fold clothing in a way that pieces can stand on end and each can be seen when looking in.
  • Hang alike items together.
  • Match all hangers. If this isn’t feasible, match hangers that are in the same area or on the same rod. It’s amazing the impact this makes!
  • Clear the floor entirely unless you need a place for footwear, in which case, place them neatly, facing all shoes the same direction, toes out and heels against a wall.
  • Hang small artwork or mirror if wall space permits.
  • Last but not least, in master, walk-in or larger closets, add touches of decor using an attractive purse standing up at eye level or nice pair of heels displayed on a decorative box. Think luxurious department store here and imagine how they display items so that they achieve the highest visual appeal!
  • For inspiration, visit this online image search of “displaying clothing in closet!”
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